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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Design your own CSR project with us as a company. We will work with you to develop individual ideas with which you can support projects in our aid regions in a powerful and sustainable way. Support options include sponsorship, donations in kind, residual cents donated from employees' wages, corporate sponsorships and much more.

Under the motto "Do good and talk about it", we spread the word about your commitment and make people aware of your company.

ESG - Environmental Social Engagement

Every company is different. This is why tailor-made strategies are needed to achieve ESG goals. With ora Kinderhilfe, you have a reliable partner for this: We work with you to design tailor-made and targeted projects that meet current requirements in a forward-looking and sustainable way. The scope ranges from environmental protection and climate projects to women-focused economic development. We work with you to develop individual ideas and concepts that change the world for the better and make your company stand out! Talk to us and send us an e-mail.

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Helping as a volunteer


ora Kinderhilfe's volunteer program offers interested people aged 18 and over the opportunity to get to know our project locations as a volunteer. Whether as a young person in Africa or as someone with a lot of life experience in Eastern Europe, whether a short or long-term stay (but at least two weeks) - you decide which country and project are suitable for you according to your personal interests and possibilities. In cooperation with you and our project partners, we will organize your stay in the best possible way according to your ideas and the local conditions.



We look forward to sending you to one of our projects as a volunteer.



Volunteering locally - your commitment counts!

In 2023, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development presented its current "Strategy for the promotion of civic engagement in development cooperation in and from Germany". It clearly states how important the use of volunteers is in order to "promote public awareness of the 2030 Agenda" in Germany.

All of our development cooperation projects aim to implement one or more of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As a volunteer on site, you will therefore also actively contribute to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through your work.

Furthermore, your contribution does not end when you return to Germany; you can continue to play the role of multiplier and ambassador for a sustainable world. Your individual experience combined with your increased understanding of global interrelationships will help to drive forward the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


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Why does it make sense to volunteer with ora Kinderhilfe?

  • Personal, close, authentic and sustainable: You will get to know our project partners personally, closely and authentically and contribute to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Global awareness and understanding: Your awareness and understanding of global problems in the areas of education, health, social justice and poverty are strengthened.
  • Intercultural competence: By experiencing a culture that is foreign to you, you develop your intercultural competence. You will get to know new languages, traditions, lifestyles and other social contexts.
  • Personal development: You will continue your personal development, e.g. in the areas of teamwork, communication, problem solving and resilience. Your self-reflection and self-confidence are encouraged.
  • Strengthening international cohesion: Your exchange with people from different backgrounds can break down stereotypes and promote better social cohesion.

The contact person for our volunteer program is

Leonie Aulenbacher

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What is the ora volunteer program?

Through the ora volunteer program, you can get to know the work of our international project partners and work as a volunteer on site. Depending on your time and financial possibilities, we will plan your assignment with you individually and in personal consultation.

Where can you travel as a volunteer with ora Kinderhilfe?

You can travel to our project countries in Eastern Europe or Sub-Saharan Africa as a volunteer. Our project countries are: Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Republic of Moldova, Rwanda, Romania, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

What requirements do you need to fulfill to become a volunteer?

You must be at least 18 years old, present an extended police clearance certificate (as you will be working with children and young people in all our projects), sign our child protection guidelines and a form that releases ora Kinderhilfe from any liability in the event of damage, and demonstrate language skills appropriate to the country in which you will be volunteering. For the countries Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and South Africa this means a good knowledge of English and in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, a basic knowledge of Romanian or Russian and English.

How long does it take to prepare for an assignment as an ora volunteer?

Depending on the project country, it is important to start planning your assignment as an ora volunteer early on. You may be faced with compulsory vaccinations, visa applications or applying for a new passport. These processes take time.

It is best to get in touch as soon as you are interested in working as an ora volunteer, then you will receive individual advice from us on what to look out for in your case. A preparation period of at least 6 months is ideal.

In which areas can you volunteer at ora Kinderhilfe?

The areas of work for ora volunteers are: Agriculture, health, education, nutrition, office and crafts. These vary depending on the project, as all our project partners are committed to our goals of education, health and nutrition for the sponsored children, their siblings and families in different ways


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Exciting, beautiful and harrowing at the same time. I came back to Germany filled with countless impressions. It was a very valuable time in which I was able to immerse myself in a new culture.

Volunteer in Kenya
Watamu in January 2023

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Access to water is a human right.

Your support secures medical care for children!

Hot school meals ensure the survival of children!

Girls' hygiene ensures educational opportunities!

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