We change children's lives.
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Education is the
way out of poverty


Conquer hunger.

Secure nutrition.


Preventive healthcare
saves lives.

Disaster relief

Our emergency aid -
quickly and unbureaucratically.

A hand that gives is a hand that gives hope.

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Your donation changes children's lives for the better.



Give children a happy childhood.


The company

Improve the living conditions of children.

voluntary service

Volunteer program

Apply to be a volunteer with us!

We support an average of...

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

mhg doll
mhg family
mhg nutrition
mhg first aid
Visits to the doctor

Your donation arrives.

The future depends depends on what we do today.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Access to water is a human right.

Your support secures medical care for children!

Hot school meals ensure the survival of children!

Girls' hygiene ensures educational opportunities!

Our success has many stories and faces.

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from Sierre Leone

Toothbrushes work wonders - healthy teeth at last!


from Sierre Leone

Learning is better when you're full!


from Liberia

Find out more about Miatta's educational luck!


from the Ukraine

How Kyryl learned to laugh again!

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Based on 23 reviews
Mouaeead Houssen
Mouaeead Houssen
ora Kinderhilfe does impressive work, especially through its sponsorship programs in Eastern Europe. Your work makes a significant contribution to improving the lives of many children in the long term, as I can see from my sponsorship. Thank you for your important work.
Nana Aureliah
Nana Aureliah
The sponsorship trip with ora Kinderhilfe to Rwanda in January 2023 was not only fascinating, but also touching in light of the country's genocide history. The employees of ora Kinderhilfe and the partner organization Solace Ministries provided deep insights into the impressive reconstruction work and a trip that was not only culturally enriching but also meaningful. Thank you for the personal encounters that showed how resilience and commitment can rebuild a community.
Ivo Berg
Ivo Berg
ora Kinderhilfe is a trustworthy aid organization. Their projects go beyond just helping - they create opportunities and give children hope. An organization that truly changes the world for the little ones.
Lena Thi
Lena Thi
Through ora Kinderhilfe, children around the world receive the love, care and education they deserve. This organization shows that every contribution can make a big difference. Thank you for your valuable work!
Leo Merkel
Leo Merkel
I am impressed by ora Kinderhilfe! The aid organization provides not only local, but also international aid in Eastern Europe and Africa. An organization that really builds bridges! The aid in Rwanda after the genocide is particularly close to my heart!
Yugen Yah
Yugen Yah
I value ora Kinderhilfe as a very confidential aid organization. The employees know their project partners personally and the projects are very diverse. I particularly like the women's project in Liberia.
ora Kinderhilfe has been committed to helping children in need in Africa for many years. ora helps immediately when disasters occur. ora's commitment, particularly in the drought regions of Africa, is special. The reporting is transparent and the money donated really does reach its destination, as administrative costs are kept to a minimum.
Anna Jansen
Anna Jansen
The work of ora Kinderhilfe can make a real difference to children's lives. The employees know their local project partners personally and are close to the people in the project locations.
Tim Leiß
Tim Leiß
Very friendly staff, highly recommended.
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