Education creates good prospects for the future

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Education is a human right

Education is a human right. It is the focus of all our projects. Without education, independent thinking, resilience and health, as well as taking responsibility and helping to shape society are not possible. Education opens the door to freedom, democracy and development.  

More than 60 million children are out of school. Significantly more girls than boys do not receive any schooling. 

Education as the key to fighting poverty and hunger

Without education, there is a fatal interplay of hunger and poverty. If you are poor, you can't afford textbooks and pens. Many children cannot go to school or have to drop out of school. Often the distances are too far or the children have to work at home to earn their daily bread. Then there is no time for school.

Without education, the chances of career prospects, social participation and co-creation are reduced. This increases the risk of suffering from hunger and getting sick. A fatal cycle begins. 

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ora Children's Aid in Action for Educational Opportunities

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School education as an opportunity for the future

With its educational projects, ora Kinderhilfe gives the children a better chance of escaping the cycle of hunger and poverty and building good prospects for the future.


We enable the children to develop their talents and make their dreams come true. In our projects, we ensure regular school attendance and the achievement of a school leaving certificate.

We build our own schools, finance tuition and teachers' salaries, provide the necessary school materials and school uniforms. All children receive school meals in order to be well nourished and to be able to study attentively. 

Education means lifelong learning

For ora Kinderhilfe, education does not stop with the children and young people. Our educational opportunities are diverse and also provide families and villagers with secure prospects for the future.

In our Childhood programs, we train educators and thus ensure a certified and child-friendly education from kindergarten garden age. The trainings for farmers, e.g. in the field of seed production or field irrigation, ensure that the families provide for their own income and can feed their families independently.  

At the same time, we strengthen the communities with our educational projects, as new income-generating measures emerge from the trainings. In this way, the vicious circle of hunger and poverty is broken for all.

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Educational Successes of ora Children's Aid

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No education without school buildings

More than 60 million children worldwide do not attend school, even though education is a human right. This includes one in four non-school children in West Africa – including children in our project countries Liberia and Sierra Leone. The problem there is that there are too few schools and the distances to school are too long.  

The parents only earn enough money to survive on a daily basis. Paying school fees is impossible for many families. Many children do not have shoes and their parents cannot afford the footwear, the school uniform, the books or the pens.

We as ora Children's Aid literally make school and build and renovate schools in villages, pay for their ongoing operation, pay teachers' salaries, school meals, uniforms, shoes, pens and books. We also finance medical examinations, toothbrushing training and vaccinations for the boys and girls.  


Learning, laughing, eating and playing – all this awaits all children from our project locations at school. Not only the ora sponsored children are supported: all girls and boys are allowed to learn, laugh, eat and play. We do not exclude children. Every child has the right to learn in order to be able to live better later on. 

Find out more about one of our construction projects and see how much commitment and diligence everyone in the village is working with so that the children get their own school.

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